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Specialist Brand Photography 
for the 
Veterinary, Pet and Equine Industries much more than just a headshot! 

Save up to 50% - offers MUST end Saturday 5th December 

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Why should you invest in a professional specialist photographer?

  • Do you wish your personal, business brand or product images had more wow?  

  • Do you struggle finding images to use online for your business?

  • Have you put off having photographs taken because you feel self-conscious in front of the camera?

  • Is your website filled with generic stock photos that don't quite capture what you're trying to say?

  • Do your marketing materials lack the emotional connection that resonates with animal lovers?

A photographer with a veterinary background brings an unmatched understanding of animals and the pet industry. They:

  • Know how to work around animals safely and capture their personalities, even anxious or nervous pets.

  • Understand veterinary procedures and equipment, ensuring accurate and professional product shots for clinics.

  • Speak your language – you won't need to explain technical details; we'll intuitively capture the essence of your work.



  • Ditch the Stock: Stock photos are one-size-fits-all, They cannot illustrate the uniqueness of your brand. A professional captures your team, pets, and environment, creating authentic visuals that truly represent your practice or company.

  • Having a background in veterinary medicine means that we understand the environment in which you work in order to safely capture the best moments that shows the visuals that speak volumes about your care.


Benefits beyond the blurry phone pics:

  • Expert Storytelling: We don't just take pictures; we craft visual stories. Whether it's showcasing your veterinary team's expertise during an examination, highlighting the impact of your rescue organization, or demonstrating how your pet products enhance lives, we'll use photography to communicate your mission and values effectively.

  • Marketing Powerhouse: High-quality, professional photos are marketing gold. They boost engagement on social media, grab attention on websites, and leave a lasting impression on potential clients and customers.

  • Looking to attract new colleagues? Go beyond the job description! A high-quality brand shoot featuring your modern facilities and friendly staff creates a strong first impression for potential new hires, making your clinic stand out as a desirable workplace.

  • Powerful visuals from a professional brand shoot can convey your clinic's culture and values, attracting veterinary professionals who share your passion for animal welfare and collaborative teamwork.


Ready to elevate your business with photos that truly connect with your clients?

Contact us today for a free consultation either by phone or Zoom. We'll discuss your vision and customize a brand shoot that captures the heart of your particular pet industry business.

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There are various packages available - for  more information please fill in your details below for assistance in choosing the right package to suit you. 

Helen was recommended to me by a friend who had used her before. 

Initially I was a little apprehensive as I knew nothing about Brand Photography. After 

our first video call I felt much better informed and could see how this could potentially benefit my business. Helen talked me through every step suggesting outfits, colours and which props to use.

The one thing concerning me was having to be in the shots myself, I had no need to worry as she made me feel very much at ease and the whole experience felt very natural.

I would highly recommend any business to consider a Brand Shoot with Helen . Having a portfolio of shots representing your business makes social media, marketing and advertising so much easier. It also gives customers an insight into the person behind the brand and I have definitely seen an increase with my online sales.

Sarah Fancy 

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