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Pouncing Posers Wanted! 
Seeking uniquely quirky kitties and photogenic felines...


              CATS WANTED!
Is your cat a potential Su-purr-model? 
I am looking for some very confident, playful and active cats for a  special photography project. 
Priority will be given to sleek oriental-type breeds such as Siamese, Tonkinese, Burmese etc. Although they do not need to be pedigree, they do need to have that special 'something', be they an unusual breed (or cross), 
spectacular colouring, or have striking markings or appearance.
I have had some incredible kitties apply and have created some absolutely stunning images, but I need more! 

If you would like your cat to be considered you must be willing to travel to my studio near New Mills, High Peak for sessions taking place in March and April.
Successful applicants will receive not only a complimentary session lasting up to 90 mins (normally £145), but also  a digital image worth £50 plus £75 to spend should they want any artwork to display. 
Please fill in the form below with full details in order to be considered. (where you will also find T's & C's) . Those shortlisted will be 
asked to send photos. 
Thank you! 


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